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Derma Filler Treatment

A Naturally derived cosmetic treatment injected into the skin,
giving the skin a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

Benefits of Derma Filler

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, creases and foldsImprove undereye and temple hollowing, and sagging cheeks and jawlinesEnhance and restore structures of the face such as the chin, jawline and noseOur Doctors and Nurse at XO Aesthetics only use the highest quality productsDermal fillers last between 6-24 months depending on the area injected, individual variations and quality of the product used


We charge by the ml used to achieve the look you want, however rough guidelines are below.

Lip Filler

Restore volumeEnhance definitionImprove lip symmetryOur injectors are trained in different techniques to createA natural look through to a plump lip look0.6ml available1ml available

Tear Trough AKA Panda Eye

Hollowing under the eyes is very common as we age. Replenish this soft tissue area and improve the permanent tired look.
from $400

Facial Rejuvenation- Injectable Packages

Our clinician uses the latest techniques to inject quality filler to improve skin elasticity and produce a younger and healthier look.
We offer packages using combinations of Antiwrinkle, lip filler and Beauty Booster.
from $569 (1ml), or $899 (2ml)


Improve your jawline structure and shape. Let us know if you are wanting more defined jawline or a softer curve look, minimising jowls or asymmetry.

from $400


Ageing can cause our temples to loose volume, giving a 'hollowing' effect.

from $495


Looking for a more definition or a more proportionate chin to your features? Filler can have a slimming effect to your face.

from $549 (1ml), or $899 (2ml)

Cheek Enhancement

A non-surgical way to improve symmetry and give more prominent definition. We can also decrease the static lines caused by smiling around your mouth.

Our Reviews

Rosalie Sheen
Rosalie Sheen
Amazingly personable, also show a genuine interest and empathy in the issue I presented with today. Looking forward to continuing treatment with Bianca and Toni
Brittany Woodman
Brittany Woodman
Always love coming to XO. Dr Toni is so gentle and has such a great eye for the little details to give you the best overall aesthetic result. Im so happy with my results and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment 😄.
Alyssa King
Alyssa King
Toni was amazing, explained what needed to be done and now i am even happier with my results
Taylah Arndell
Taylah Arndell
I had anti wrinkle and lip filer by Dr Cameron. Professional, kind, and amazing at what he does. My lips look natural and soft Highly recommend.
Tenille Scott
Tenille Scott
Bianca has alot of knowledge in skin care, highly recommend.
Casey Moss
Casey Moss
Bianca’s microdermabrasion appointments are amazing. My first consultant was great, she was very knowledgeable and thorough with assessing my skin. She took her time explaining to me all aspects of my skin concerns and came up with a personalised treatment plan. She was able to match me to products specifically to my skin to assist me in the long run. My skin felt amazing after my first appointment and I was highly impressed with the service provided. I have never had that type of experience with any other clinic. I booked another appointment 2 weeks later. My 2nd visit was great and I have left the clinic with my skin feeling it’s best and with new products to try. Will be back in 2 weeks!!
Aqua Reiss
Aqua Reiss
Thanks to beautiful Bianca for my amazing treatments today. 💖 Amazing service and excellent price 💖 Can't wait to see you in 7 week xo Aqua
Lynne Larkin
Lynne Larkin
Wonderful service. Lovely environment. Ladies are lovely and caring

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