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Thread Lift

Have you been looking for the Newcastle Thread Lift Dr? Want to lift sagging/ loose skin without the cost and surgery downtime?

Looking for a non-invasive jowl lift, neck lift, fox/cat eye, eyebrow lift, cheek, or nose lift?

Thread facelifts provide a more 'cut' or defined look to key areas of the face by tightening loose skin on the face left by ageing or weight loss. Loose skin on the face and neck will also promote collagen production, meaning surgery is unnecessary to tighten the skin.

As an experienced cosmetic physician should perform non-surgical facelifts, we are one of the few clinics to offer these procedures throughout Sydney and Newcastle.

Our thread lifts help give that natural look without creating a dramatic and non-natural look. We perform the procedure to keep your natural facial harmony with more youth and rejuvenation.

What is involved with a non-surgical thread lift AKA- losing the loose skin?

This minimally invasive procedure will dramatically reduce loose skin and restore and lift areas of the face without the need for surgery. We use absorbable threads to support and lift the tissue structures that have lost their previous formation, ending in a more youthful and rejuvenated look. As the threads break down, collagen increases- improving skin texture and firmness.

Most Popular Thread Lift Treatments

Thread lift treatments can be used almost anywhere on the face and neck under local anaesthetic effects.
Jowl Thread Lift
Increase jaw definition for a more slimline/masculine jawline. We can also treat the marionette lines to lift the saggy skin around the chin.
Cheek Thread Lift
The ultimate procedure is to lift and tighten cheeks for more definition without increasing facial width and without the need for surgery.
Neck Thread Lift
The most common ageing complaints are saggy skin around the Jaw and neck, so a neck and jowl lift is often performed simultaneously, treating the double chin look away without the surgery.
Hooded Eye/ Fox Eye / Cat Eye Lift
Hooded / droopy eyes occur when the skin around the eyes becomes loose. Eye lifts look exquisitely natural and work to tighten and lift the skin around the eyes. 
Nose Thread Lift
The lift works by supporting the bridge of the nose to become straight or by lifting the tip of the nose for a more defined look. Results last around 12 months.

Recommended Treatments

We charge by units used to achieve the look you want, however rough guidelines are below.

Dermal Fillers & PDO Threads

Help restore youthful beauty and appearance. helps boost confidence, creates lift, restores volume, smooths deep creases, and contours facial features. minimal downtime & long lasting.

Facial Peels

Peels can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use a combination of medical grade peels and cosmeceuticals to achieve improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Thread Lift

Thread lifts have an instant lifting, and instant, yet subtle youthful and rejuvenating effect. we can treat most areas on the face and neck.


The Dermapen uses 13 micro needles to pierce the skint naturally stimulate collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage.

Profhilo (Beauty Boosters)

Hyaluronic Acid injected just under the skin surface. Promotes a very natural hydrated glow. The ultimate refresh!

Facial Resurfacing

The Cutera Enlighten- Pico genesis, A cutting edge procedure that improves skin texture, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

Before & After Jowl Lift

Before and after jowl lift


Does a non-surgical facelift/ thread lift hurt?
It may cause minimal discomfort due to the pulling sensation of the thread. However, we use a local anaesthetic before the treatment starts.
How long does it last?
The thread lift lasts 12 months, but the PDO threads dissolve after 6-8 months—the youthful results of skin lifting and tightening last longer due to the stimulation effect of the thread.
When can I see the results?
Results start to occur immediately post-treatment but continue to improve 3-4 months post-treatment.
How often do I need treatment?​
Depending on skin laxity, genetics and lifestyle, it can be performed every 12 months if desired.
What are the Pre and Post-procedural care?
You may feel a little sore post-procedure once the anesthetic wears off for a few days. We encourage you to keep performing your normal duties. Please click for more information.

Our Reviews

Rosalie Sheen
Rosalie Sheen
Amazingly personable, also show a genuine interest and empathy in the issue I presented with today. Looking forward to continuing treatment with Bianca and Toni
Brittany Woodman
Brittany Woodman
Always love coming to XO. Dr Toni is so gentle and has such a great eye for the little details to give you the best overall aesthetic result. Im so happy with my results and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment 😄.
Alyssa King
Alyssa King
Toni was amazing, explained what needed to be done and now i am even happier with my results
Taylah Arndell
Taylah Arndell
I had anti wrinkle and lip filer by Dr Cameron. Professional, kind, and amazing at what he does. My lips look natural and soft Highly recommend.
Tenille Scott
Tenille Scott
Bianca has alot of knowledge in skin care, highly recommend.
Casey Moss
Casey Moss
Bianca’s microdermabrasion appointments are amazing. My first consultant was great, she was very knowledgeable and thorough with assessing my skin. She took her time explaining to me all aspects of my skin concerns and came up with a personalised treatment plan. She was able to match me to products specifically to my skin to assist me in the long run. My skin felt amazing after my first appointment and I was highly impressed with the service provided. I have never had that type of experience with any other clinic. I booked another appointment 2 weeks later. My 2nd visit was great and I have left the clinic with my skin feeling it’s best and with new products to try. Will be back in 2 weeks!!
Aqua Reiss
Aqua Reiss
Thanks to beautiful Bianca for my amazing treatments today. 💖 Amazing service and excellent price 💖 Can't wait to see you in 7 week xo Aqua
Lynne Larkin
Lynne Larkin
Wonderful service. Lovely environment. Ladies are lovely and caring

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